Helmets for head protection

Safety helmet G3000
  • Protective grip made of lightweight ABS plastic
  • It has a 3M ™ Uvicator ™ sensor disk
  • Adjust the volume with the wheel
  • The cartridge can be turned 180 °, which allows to carry the back and vice versa
  • An unobstructed flow of air through a plurality of ventilation openings arranged along the top of the helmet

The MK2 Evo2 helmet is manufactured from HDPE (high density polyethylene), which gives it a high degree of impact resistance. It has a 6-point textile insert, with a 3-in-depth setting. The cotton swab is coated with a PU layer that is also Ph neutral.

This version of the ventilation helmet is made in such a way that the warm air flows out and cools inside, which reduces the temperature in the helmet. Standard: EN 397, EN 50365

Protective jacket MK1, designed for general use. This napkin is made of HDPE with UV stabilizer, has a adjustable polyethylene cartridge that can be attached to 6 points, is very light and comfortable to carry.

Standard: EN 397, ANSIZ89

It is used in construction, forestry, metal industry, electrical industry, surface excavations, etc.

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HTZ equipment

In our store you can find the best HTZ equipment of renowned manufacturers: working shoes, work clothes, work gloves, etc. We do not have all the equipment we have in our regular offer, through a wide network of our suppliers.

Firefighting equipment

We are engaged in importing fire-fighting equipment from reputable companies from the Republic of Serbia, the Republic of Croatia and the European Union. We provide our customers with service of firefighting appliances.

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