Welding gloves and welding equipment

  • A leather yellow glove comes with anchors on the stomach, the seams are made of kevlar, the length of the glove is 40.5 cm.
  • EN 12477: 2001 + A1: 2005.
  • Made of bovine spit, length 35 cm, protected / hidden seams, black, cotton dressing, have a certificate for welding type A.
  • Gloves are used in construction and industry when welding.
Gloves- HARPY
  • Made of bovine spoon, length 35cm with protected / hidden seams and cotton dressing, possessing palm rest, easy to noticeable color, welding type A.
  • Gloves are used in construction and industry in the welding process.
  • Gloves for welders, not set, of gray beech spatula.
  • They have a safety length of 15 cm
  • Welding certificate Type B
  • EN 388 2123 EN 407 41xx3x EN 12477
  • Protective gloves for welding, red, of bovine spatula
  • Length 35 cm
  • Cotton dressing and protected / hidden seams.
  • Welding certificate type A
  • EN 388 2132 EN 407 413x3x EN 12477
  • Protective glove for welders, made of yellow bovine leather.
  • Length 35 cm
  • They have secured / hidden seams from the Kevlar thread,
  • Welding certificate type A
  • EN 388 3133 EN 407 312x3x EN 12477

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HTZ equipment

In our store you can find the best HTZ equipment of renowned manufacturers: working shoes, work clothes, work gloves, etc. We do not have all the equipment we have in our regular offer, through a wide network of our suppliers.

Firefighting equipment

We are engaged in importing fire-fighting equipment from reputable companies from the Republic of Serbia, the Republic of Croatia and the European Union. We provide our customers with service of firefighting appliances.

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