Earplugs (Sound Stopper)
  • Foam self-forming polymers, with a tape. Minimal pressure on the ear canal also comes in a hygienic package. SNR is 33 dB.
  • Standard: EN 352-2
Earplugs (PT 1373)
  • Soft polyurethane self-forming eyelashes, SNR 37 dB, with tape.
  • Standard: EN 352-2.
  • Silicone Rubber Plugs, with 3 pens and a tape made of flexible micro gums that have the ability to adapt to the ear.
  • Easily washed and maintained. SNR is 32 dB.
  • Standard: EN 352-2

Our program

Quality working clothes from our own production program. If you do not find what you need to contact us because we are sewing work clothes and uniforms on order.

All these items can be produced in various colors and various combinations according to customers' wishes.

HTZ equipment

In our store you can find the best HTZ equipment of renowned manufacturers: working shoes, work clothes, work gloves, etc. We do not have all the equipment we have in our regular offer, through a wide network of our suppliers.

Firefighting equipment

We are engaged in importing fire-fighting equipment from reputable companies from the Republic of Serbia, the Republic of Croatia and the European Union. We provide our customers with service of firefighting appliances.

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