Firefighting fittings

Stable Coupling-Outer Thread

Couplings with external (male) thread are used for connection of transmission, or suction pipes from stand-alone hydrants and other elements that require an external thread.

Push-throat joint

The push-in coupling serves for the connection of the pressure hoses as well as connecting them to stable couplings of the device (pumps, hydrant bits, bumper, nozzles, etc.) interconnecting the pressure hoses into the relays.

Blind Coupling

A blind coupling is used when testing the pressure of the pressure hose, hydrant valve, or closing the opening of the device (hydraulic attachment, pump, hydrant, etc.) to prevent the deterioration of mechanical impurities.

Rotary union

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HTZ equipment

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Firefighting equipment

We are engaged in importing fire-fighting equipment from reputable companies from the Republic of Serbia, the Republic of Croatia and the European Union. We provide our customers with service of firefighting appliances.

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